About us

How did Cinessance start?

Our founder is a French expat who has lived in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. Surrounded by friends from all nationalities, he often tries to share a slice of his culture by showing them some of the best French movies. His frustration from never finding them online led him to create Cinessance.
After conducting market research in early 2021 across a broad international network, he quickly validated that this problem was shared by many.

- First, the 3 million French people living abroad who - like a lot of expatriates - try to find ways to remain conected to their heritage and share their culture with others.

- Second, the hundreds of millions of Francophiles and Francophones in the world who appreciate France, the French language, and seek to learn more about her thousand-year-old culture through cinema.

- Third, all the movie lovers who know that the French films have a special touch, a particular romance, a unique style that make them memorable and easily recognizable as “French film”.

Armed with that knowledge, Clément Monnet decided to leverage his past experiences in B2C and product, his passion for France and cinema, and his unique position as an expat entrepreneur to build a streaming platform dedicated to French film and tailored for a global audience.
The company Cinessance was created in April 2021; 6-months later, the first version of the product is released in North America with a curated catalogue of classic and modern movies, that will quickly expand to up to 500 movies in 2022.