About us

Founding Team

Clément Monnet - Founder & CEO

Clément Monnet is a French serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco, who’s lived across four continents - Europe, Asia, South America and North America.
During his tenure in the United States, Clément had the opportunity to create new businesses from scratch including Voom, the “Uber for Helicopters”, incubated by Airbus, Skydex (now Altaport), an “Airbnb for helipads”, and now Cinessance, the “Netflix of French film” for all the francophiles, francophones, and movie fans in the world.
Fascinated with technology, cinema, sport, and politics, Clément holds a certificate in Product Management and a Masters in Business and Administration.
In his free time, he is either watching films or flying Cessna 172 aircrafts.

He is working with a core team of advisors and early investors in strategic disciplines:

- Chris Allexandre, Early Investor. LP at Diaspora Ventures, and Board Member at Villa San Francisco.

- Evan Tahler, Technology Advisor. CTO of Grouparoo, former CPO of Voom, and former Director of Technology at TaskRabbit.

- Arnaud de Fontenay, Industry Advisor. Former General Manager of the fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, and former VP of Legal & Business Affairs at Chez Wam, the production company of famous comedian: Alain Chabat.

- Julien Etaix, Financing Advisor. Currently Chief Investment Officer in a $3Bn Singe Family Office, and former Investment Manager at UpFront Ventures